Temple worship is one of the fundamental elements of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  To learn more about temples and temple worship, visit the LDS Church’s website.

Temples We’ve Visited

One of our objectives in our travels is to visit as many temples as possible!  Here are the ones we’ve visited so far.


Gilbert, Arizona

The Gilbert Arizona temple is incredible!  You can see the temple from the freeway as you come around a corner. It is a good size building with not much else around to compare it to.

Mesa, Arizona

The Mesa Arizona temple is the 7th temple built.  It has a very unique exterior design.  The interior has been remodeled, but it also still has a bunch of the old wall paintings to give it a unique interior as well.

Phoenix, Arizona

The Phoenix Arizona temple is a small temple.  You can almost miss it if you don’t know it is there.  There are houses and things on the north side of the temple, but across the street on the south, there isn’t much of anything.  It has a very nice dessert themed grounds.

Tuscon, Arizona

The Tuscon Arizona temple is still under construction.  The open house is coming up in June 2017.  It has a very unique design and sits on a small hill.


Denver, Colorado

The Denver Temple is a beautiful temple that reminds me of the Jordan River Temple. We only were able to see it in the dark, but it was lit up spectacularly!

Fort Collins, Colorado

The Fort Collins Temple is a beautiful, smaller temple. There is a lot of open space around it with the landscaping and fields.


Idaho Falls, Idaho

The Idaho Falls Temple was closed a few years ago to be renovated.  We were able to go through the Open House before it was dedicated with some of our family members.

Rexburg, Idaho

The Rexburg Temple lies right next to the BYU-Idaho campus and is a VERY busy temple.

Twin Falls, Idaho

The Twin Falls Temple sits on the edge of the city of Twin Falls and near the Shoshone Water Falls.


Nauvoo, Illinois

The Nauvoo Temple. Need I say more? 🙂 In reading up on it, the outside is the same pattern that the original temple was but the inside setup has been updated for the modern temple structure. The decor and things inside though has more of the rustic mid-1800’s feel. Very beautiful.


Kansas City, Missouri

The Kansas City Temple is quite a beautiful temple that sits north of the city right off the freeway.  It stands majestic against the green backdrop of the trees.

Saint Louis, Missouri

The Saint Louis Temple is quite a large temple.  It is beautifully set right by the freeway and stands out as you come upon it.


Winter Quarters Nebraska

The Winter Quarters Temple is a beautiful temple.  There are some really neat pictures inside related to the pioneers and even some of the stained glass had pictures on them that were really neat.  There is a cemetery next to the temple for some of the pioneers who died there and a monument about it as well.  There is also a visitors center that talks about the pioneers and their journey.


Las Vegas, Arizona

The Las Vega Arizona temple sits off on the north east corner of the city hidden away.  If you know what you are looking for, you can spot it from the freeway, but it is definitely a challenge.

New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

We stayed in Albuquerque for just one night. It was a Monday night so we did a quick flyby the temple to get some pictures.


Lubbock, Texas

The Lubbock temple is a small temple that shares the same parking lot as a stake center. We passed the parking lot at first. I was looking for the temple and saw the church building and didn’t figure it was the same parking lot! The temple was closed for cleaning while we were there and passing through.

Houston, Texas

The Houston Texas Temple looks very cathedral to me.  It is much larger then the pictures depict and kind of just towers over the small area.  It is hidden pretty well in the VERY large trees on the streets around the temple.  The grounds are amazing!  They used pine needles as ground cover and it felt very much like you were camping.

San Antonio, Texas

The San Antonio Temple is one of our FAVORITE temples! It is so beautiful with all the stained glass on every side and beautiful pictures! One of my favorite parts is the spire.  At the top you can see the sun and during the day, it looks like a blue sky underneath.  At night, the sky changes and you can see stars showing through!  Love it!


Bountiful Temple, Bountiful Utah

We’ve attended the Bountiful Temple many times throughout the years. In fact, this is the temple we were sealed in!

Brigham City Temple, Brigham City Utah

The Brigham City Temple is one we will always love.  We lived in Brigham City before starting on our temple, so we have attended this one many times.

Draper Temple, Draper Utah

The Draper Temple is one of our favorites.  We haven’t attended here as much as other places, but love the architecture, designs and colors.

Jordan River Temple, South Jordan Utah

The Jordan River Temple is a classic for us.  It was closed last year for renovation, so we couldn’t get up close shots.

Logan Temple

Logan has another amazing pioneer temple that stands majestic on the hill.

Logan Temple

Logan has another amazing pioneer temple that stands majestic on the hill.

Mount Timpanogos Temple, American Fork Utah

We’ve attended the Oquirrh Mountain Temple many times throughout the years. We’ve included it here in this list because we attended the temple after we purchased Bessie and were preparing to adventure.

Ogden Temple, Ogden Utah

The Ogden temple was renovated a little while ago.  They did a MAJOR renovation to it and completely changed the design and layout.  It is a beautiful looking building!

Payson Temple, Payson Utah

The Payson Temple is a beautiful building that looks like a capital style building.

Provo Temple, Provo Utah

The classic Provo Temple right next to the Provo Missionary Training Center.

Provo City Center Temple, Provo Utah

The Provo City Center Temple used to be the Provo Tabernacle which caught fire and burned to the ground a while ago.  It was revamped into a temple keeping the original look and feel.

Saint George Temple

Our first stop was Saint George, Utah for a month. There temple there is magnificent!  Built by the Mormon Pioneers out of the desert.

Salt Lake Temple

We’ve been to the Salt Lake temple many times, but wanted to make sure to visit it while we are “traveling”.  Since we came back to Utah (see the post here), we decided to try and visit the more familiar temples to us.  Salt Lake has a couple of wonderful visitors centers.  The South Visitors Center has a replica of the temple that shows the rooms inside.

Vernal, Utah

The Vernal Utah Temple is a similar temple to the Provo City Center Temple.  It was an old Tabernacle that was converted into a Temple.  It has the rustic feel of when it was first built.


Seattle, Washington

The Seattle Temple is a majestic building right next to the I-90 freeway.  As we were driving down the freeway, all the sudden Shannon said: “There’s the temple!”

Spokane, Washington

The Spokane Temple is a small beautiful building tucked away on the edge of the woods.


Star Valley Temple, Afton Wyoming

The Spokane Temple is a small beautiful building tucked away on the edge of the woods.