2800 Miles, 7 Temples, 17 Days, Part 2 – WOW!!!!

2800 Miles, 7 Temples, 17 Days, Part 2 – WOW!!!!

August 23 – September 8
Location: Salt Lake to Nauvoo and back
WOW!  What a whirlwind of a trip!

Day 9

Day 9 we left Nauvoo and headed to St. Louis.  We left a little bit later then expected because Bessie didn’t want to start.  The started wouldn’t even engage.  I started tracing things down and couldn’t figure out what the issue was.  Then, Shannon tried again and she started right up.  Still don’t know what happened and haven’t had an issue since.  We stopped in Quincy, Illinois for a few minutes to visit the museum there.  They have a display about the Saints as they were drivin from Independence and how the people of Quincy helped to take them in and provide for them.  It was extremely moving to see what the Saints went through and what the people of Quincy went through to help them in their time of need.  We then drove to St. Louis so that we could visit the temple there and spend the night.

Day 10

Day 10 we left St. Louis and headed to Kansas City, Missouri.  We have some friends who live just outside of Kansas City who had a baby back in July.  This is their first and they were doing the baby blessing Labor Day weekend.  This is one of the reasons we even did this trip was to see them.

While in Kansas City, we went by the Kansas City Temple a couple of times.

Days 11-12

Days 11 and 12 were spent visiting with our friends, attending church and going to a few of the Church’s historical sites.

Liberty Jail

Far West Temple Site

Haun’s Mill
This was an unexpected adventure down an tiny dirt road.

One of our favorite stops of all was Adam-Ondi-Ahman.  It is a beatiful area and the Spirit is very moving here.

Independence Temple Site
Another one of our favorite sites was the Independence Temple Site.


Day 13

Day 13, Labor Day, was spend driving across Kansas and half way across Colorado to Denver.  It was over 600 miles and took over 9 hours!  THAT was a long day!  This included our first toll road which cost us $5.25 and a quick visit to see the Denver Colorado Temple.

Denver Colorado Temple


Day 14

Day 14 we headed to Vernal, Utah and started out with an adventure!  We were low on fuel from driving for so long the day before.  We got on the freeway and started heading to start the climb up the Rocky Mountains.  I had looked at the map the day before and found a fuel station that I figured would be just fine to fill up at.  Well…. we passed it.  I think it was closed anyway.  That was the only good place I could see until you start climbing.  So, we went for it, and started up the hill on I-70 leaving Denver.  We got about 10 miles up the hill and finally saw a sign for gas station that said it had diesel.  Not wanting to risk it and go any further, we pulled off and followed the sign.  It took us to a TINY 4 pump gas station!  Lucky, they had a parking lot right next to the station that we could pull in, unhook the car, turn Bessie around, pull up the pumps, fuel Bessie with $334 of diesel at over $3 per gallon, back up into the parking lot, hook back up the car and carefully wind our way back down the road to the freeway, only to find that if we had driven another 2ish miles down the freeway, there was a big truck stop AND the price was at least 40 cents LESS then what we paid!  One of those moments you just smile and laugh at.

After fueling we were driving down I-70 headed to Rifle, CO where we were going to turn north.  As we were driving along, we start seeing signs for an upcoming tunnel.  Shannon doesn’t like tunnels.  There was a different route that we could go around the tunnels, but she prayed, felt comforted, and braved it.  What we thought was one tunnel actually turned into 4!  Two of them were over 1.5 miles long.  The other two were fairly short.  Thankfully, the two long ones were well lit.

After the tunnels there was a lot of 8% grade downhill slopes were the speed limit for trucks (us included) was 35 MPH.  That one was quite fun too!

The last main adventure of the day was between Rifle and Dinosaur Colorado.  We were chugging along enjoying the beautiful scenery.  Normally, you would follow the main road right into Dinosaur and then turn onto Highway 40 and head to Vernal.  Well, Google Maps told us to turn off the main road and take this other road to save us a some time.  We didn’t think much about it until we turned.  The road was paved but narrow.  We climbed up a little mountain grade and low and behold, we are by this mining facility and the road turns into a dirt road!  We paused and evaluated the situation.  We could turn around, but we’d have to unhook the car, or we could continue.  The dirt road was very wide and was well graded, so we said, why not.


Day 15

Day 15 we went by the Vernal Temple and drove around seeing some of the area.


Day 16

Day 16 we attended the temple and then met up with a friend for dinner.  We also prepared for the last leg of the journey back to Salt Lake.


Day 17

Day 17 we checked out of the RV park and headed to Salt Lake.  The journey is complete!  What a wonderful adventure!  So may amazing things that we saw and participated it!  Well worth every minute!  We hope you have enjoyed hearing about


Ben and Shannon


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