Update July 6 – July 10

Update July 6 – July 10

July 6 – 10
Location:  Montana/Idaho/Washington


July 6-8 Deer Lodge, Montana – We pretty much just used this couple days/nights to catch up on everything.  Like laundry!  Here are a few pictures of our drive between Idaho Falls-ish and Deer Lodge, Montana.  And also a picture from our window of the moon.  <3

July 8-10 St. Regis, Montana – After drving for a couple of hours to get to our new campsite, we decided ‘why not’ and after we parked/situated the motorhome, we drove around Flathead Lake to Glacier National Park (2.5 hours each way!).  It was BEAUTIFUL!!! And then on the 9th, we went to a branch in Superior Montana.  It was a small building and congregation.  We were offered to move there if we ever decided to settle down, again.  Lol.

Here are some pictures between Deer Lodge and St. Regis.


Here are pictures of the RV park in St. Regis…it was super cute!  They had it set up like a goldmine town.  Nugget RV Resort.

Here are a bunch of pictures between St. Regis and Flathead Lake.

Here are some pictures of Flathead Lake…and a couple in between there to Glacier.

And here are the beloved pictures of amazing Glacier National Park!


Here are the pictures from Glacier, back ‘home’ to St. Regis.

And here is a ‘bug guts before and after’ picture.  I bet you can tell which side had been done, and which side hadn’t!!!  Lol.  EEEeeewwwwww!

Here is where we went to Church on the 9th…it was a cute little branch building in Superior Montana.

That concludes these two stops, other than us checking out and driving to our next location:  Post Falls, Idaho.  (Right next to Coeur d’Alene.)  Which will be the next post!


We hope you are all doing well, and we love you all lots!



Ben and Shannon

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  1. Awesome pictures ! I am sure the views are so much better in real life!
    Especially the experiences. Keep on making memories!

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