Update June 30 – July 6

Update June 30 – July 6

June 30 – July 6
Location:  Idaho/Montana/Wyoming/Idaho

June 30 Bear Lake to Idaho Fallsish – We drove past Palisades Reservoir and some super rad canola fields when we drove from Bear Lake to Idaho Falls area.



June 30-July 6 Idaho Falls area – We wanted to spend some time with our family.  So, we ‘moochdocked’ or ‘driveway surfed’ for a few nights.  It was a great time!!!  We got to spend some great time with our family!!!

June 30-We went to the ‘Jenny Oaks Baker and Family’ Independence Day Concert with our parents.

July 1-Ben and I took a day trip to Yellowstone.  SO pretty!  We had a great time.    <3<3<3

July 2-We had a fun and yummy family dinner…Ben and I cooked and made vegetarian peanut curry and rice!

July 3-We went with our parents to the Grand Teton National Park, and Jackson Hole Wyoming.  It was great, and beautiful, and fun!  Our parents told us about one of their favorite restaurants in Jackson, so we went to dinner at it…it’s called The Merry Piglets (it’s Mexican food. lol), and Ben got nachos.  They are THE BEST nachos I have EVER eaten!  EVER!!!  It was amazing.  We had such a great time!

July 4-Then on Ben and I went and saw Fireworks.  It used to be one of my favorite things, ever.  (Fireworks.)  But I’ve started tolerating crowds less and less.  So we went to a small city, and parked where we could stay in our car.  Lol.

July 5-Ben worked, and then we ran to Idaho Falls for some groceries (since we weren’t sure where we would be able to get stuff on the way – since we’re mostly organic people…other than when we eat out.)

July 6-Traveled to Deer Lodge, Montana.

It was really a great time with our family.  We enjoye spending time with them and all the chatting.  Ben was able to help weed their yard a little, as well.  Thanks, again Mom and Dad!  And thanks, again for the awesome driveway, and outlet we could plug into!  We love you!!!

We love you all!

Ben and Shannon


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