Update April 23 – June 30

Update April 23 – June 30

Let’s catch you up with everything, since it’s been a good couple of months of happenings…so here is a post of the things that we have done since our last ‘updating post’ (not the Temple post from this week).

April 30 – June 30
Location:  Utah/Idaho

April 23 Salt Lake City – We drove around Salt Lake, and went to the Temple grounds and also up to the view point above the city.

April 30 Shoshone Falls – We drove up to Idaho Falls to see the Idaho Falls Temple open house, with our family.  On our way home, we decided to do a 5ish hour detour and go to the awesome Shoshone Falls, and we also visited the outside of the Twin Falls Temple.


May 3 Thanksgiving Point – We went to the amazing Tulip Festival with my parents.  We had a great time, and it was beautiful!  I love seeing the gardens, and experiencing the cool statues of the Savior’s life, as well as God’s awesome creations!


May 14 Big/Little Cottonwood Canyons – We don’t do Church on Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day.  Ya know, not having kids, and then getting the ‘obligatory parent gift’ after Sacrament Meeting, and all the other focus on it that day is hard.  hashtag fertilityissues.  (I’m sure I took a bunch of pictures, but you’re just gonna have to imagine it. 😉  )

May 19 Dinner at the Garden Restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  It was yummy!

May 25 Attended the Draper Temple.

May 26 Went for a drive in Utah County to capture pictures of all the Temples in Utah County and also took pictures of the Jordan River Temple.


Mount Timpanogos

Provo City Center


Jordan River Temple (Currently closed for remodeling.)

May 29 Mini Golfing – This was super fun, and we had a great time, just the two of us!

June 2 Bowling – We went with our awesome friends and bowled.  We all learned that if you have friends that you can talk for hours with, bowling is not the ‘thing’ to do for you.  It is better spent elsewhere!

June 3 Attended the Bountiful Temple – They are doing some work on the spire.  So there is currently no Moroni on the top!  Of course it’s still beautiful, and we still love it!

June 7 Reupholstered our headboard.  (We also reupholstered the two window valances in our bedroom.)


After.  It’s awesome!

June 17 Went to a family birthday party (a couple hours away).  As we drove back, we drove by the Brigham City, and Ogden Temples.

Brigham City


June 19-30 Bear Lake/St. Charles, Idaho – We drove through Evanston, and Echo.  The Echo Reservoir was SO full!

Then we got to Bear Lake.  As we were driving to the RV Park, we could NOT believe how full the water of the Lake was!  We went to the Lake and the ‘beach’ the last two summers.  There was no ‘beach’ (the one we visited both years) this year!  The water came all the way up to the parking lot!!!

(Notice the bottom left of the sign says no driving within 100 feet of the water.  Yep.  The sign is about 5 feet from the water…and right *in* the parking area for the ‘beach’.)

We drove around the lake.  Twice.

A few other things we did while we were staying at Bear Lake:

We drove to Paris, Idaho to see the Paris Tabernacle.

We attended the Star Valley Wyoming Temple.

We went to Logan – twice – for dinner with 2 separate sets of friends.

We went to Logan to see the Temple.

Drove to Layton (2 hours each way) to get a new shower faucet…ours broke and leaked everywhere-ish.

That concludes the update for these days!  We love you all!!!


Ben and Shannon



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