Location:  Stanwood, Washington

Wow!  It has been over 2 months since we last posted!  What a whirlwind!  We finally got back on the road the middle of June and have been to Bear Lake, Rexburg Idaho, Deer Lodge Montana, Saint Regis Montana, Couer d’Alene Idaho, and Stanwood (North of Seattle) Washington.  Moving fast and seeing a lot!

To help catch up, this post is going to be focused on the temples we’ve visited.  To see all the temples we’ve visited, check out our temples page.

Bountiful Temple, Utah

The Bountiful temple is one of our favorites!  In fact, we were sealed here!  The spire is being redone, so it looks a little strange, but still a beautiful building!

Brigham City Temple, Utah

The Brigham City Temple holds a special place for us as well.  We lived in Brigham City before starting on this adventure and attended this temple many times.

Draper Temple, Utah

 Idaho Falls Temple, Idaho

The Idaho Falls Temple was closed a few years ago to be renovated.  We were able to go through the Open House before it was dedicated with some of our family members.

Jordan River Temple, Utah

The Jordan River Temple is a classic for us.  It was closed last year for renovation, so we couldn’t get up close shots.

Logan Temple, Utah

Our first stop after staying in Utah was to Bear Lake.  While there, we were able to swing over to Logan and see the amazing pioneer temple.

Mount Timpanogos, Utah

The Mount Timpanogos has the same design as the Bountiful temple.  Interestingly, the spire on this temple was redone a few years ago.

Ogden, Utah

The Ogden temple was renovated a little while ago.  They did a MAJOR renovation to it and completely changed the design and layout.  It is a beautiful looking building!

Payson, Utah

The Payson Temple is a beautiful building that looks like a capital style building.

Provo, Utah

The classic Provo Temple right next to the Provo Missionary Training Center.

Provo City Center Temple, Utah

The Provo City Center Temple used to be the Provo Tabernacle which caught fire and burned to the ground a while ago.  It was revamped into a temple keeping the original look and feel.

Rexburg, Idaho

The Rexburg Temple lies right next to the BYU-Idaho campus and is a VERY busy temple.

Seattle, Washington

The Seattle Temple is a majestic building right next to the I-90 freeway.  As we were driving down the freeway, all the sudden Shannon said: “There’s the temple!”

Spokane, Washington

The Spokane Temple is a small beautiful building tucked away on the edge of the woods.

Star Valley, Wyoming

The Star Valley Temple sits on the edge of the small town of Afton, Wyoming right off of the main road.  As you drive into Afton from the South, you can see it a little ways off.

Twin Falls, Idaho

The Twin Falls Temple sits on the edge of the city of Twin Falls and near the Shoshone Water Falls.

That’s it for now!  We’ll keep you all posted as we start the next leg!

We love you all!

Love, always,
Ben and Shannon

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