Huge Catch Up – Arizona, Nevada and Utah!

Huge Catch Up – Arizona, Nevada and Utah!

Location:  Utah!

Days ???

I can’t believe it has been almost a month since the last post!  It seems all like a giant whirlwind!  Instead of going through each individual day or group, I’ll just make one big post that quickly covers things. So, sit back, and enjoy!

Our last location was Benson, Arizona.  It was a beautiful RV park and one we would visit again!  We were able to enjoy some time with family in Sierra Vista, visit Tomestone and Bisbee and a quick trip to Tuscon to see the temple.



Tuscon Temple (Still under construction)

Next, we went to Mesa, Arizona.  There, we were able to visit with some friends and visit the Mesa, Arizona temple.  The Mesa temple was the 7th temple built.  There is still a lot of the original wall paintings and things inside.

We also spent Easter in Mesa and visited the Gilbert and Phoenix temples!  The Gilbert temple was glorious! We wish we could have spent some more time there to attend it.  From the freeway, it looks like a small temple, but up close, it sure isn’t!  The Phoenix temple is a small temple.  It’s tucked away in the north west end of Phoenix and if you didn’t map it, you wouldn’t know it was there.

Gilbert Temple

Phoenix Temple

The RV “resort” in Mesa was nice, but very expensive and it was getting way too hot, so off we went.  Next, we went to Munds Park, which is about 20 minutes south of Flagstaff.  We spent a few nights at the RV park there so that we could decide what park to stay at in Flagstaff.  While we were there, we decided to visit Sedona.  We didn’t do any hiking, but we did a lot of driving and did visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

We were getting a little frustrated trying to figure out where to stay in Flagstaff, because none of the RV parks could really accommodate what we wanted and needed.  Then came the call.  Shannon’s dad was being called into a bishopric as a second counselor.  He hasn’t ever been in a bishopric before, so it was a big deal.  We decided that night to come “home” and surprise them.  This was Tuesday night.  We decided that Wednesday we would go visit the Grand Canyon before taking off though.  We went to the South Rim visitors center and walked along the edge for a little ways and then went and watched a video of how it was created.  This was really neat, but somewhat unimpressive.  We then decided to head out of the park to the east instead of the south.  There were a ton of turnoffs that had much better views then the visitors center.  Make sure to visit those!

Thursday, we were able to visit with some family and then start heading on our next journey.  We drove to Boulder City, Nevada.  Once we parked Bessie, we then headed to Las Vegas to get dinner, see the lights, and visit the temple.

Friday morning came and we went and visited Hoover Dam since we were right there.

After the dam, we drove, and drove and drove.  It took about 9 hours of driving to get back to Salt Lake.  That includes a few different stops, driving a comfortable speed for the motorhome (not 80!) and slowing down a little bit for wind.  About 9:50 PM, we arrived at their home and rang their door bell.  Shannon’s dad answered the door and his statement was “What the heck are you doing here?”  It was a great surprise!

With being back “home”, we are FINALLY getting a few things fixed.  Our black tank has been leaking again, we needed to build a platform for the washer/dryer to sit on, Shannon wanted some new shelves made for one of the cupboards and a whole bunch of quick things.  We’ve been putting these off mostly because we were busy seeing sights.  Since arriving, we have a stink inside Bessie that is obnoxious and isn’t the black tank.  We still haven’t been able to figure out exactly what it is, but we’re searching.  I also found that there is a metal piece that holds the back furnace in place that is broken, so new things to work on.

We decided while we were here to visit the temples in the valley.  The first on the list was the Salt Lake Temple.  Here are some pictures of that.

Well, as of a few days ago, we also have something else to fix.

Oops!  I had taken Bessie to drain her tanks.  We park her next to Shannon’s parent house with the back 10 feet behind their fence.  I had backed her in and had the back 8 feet behind the fence and looking in my mirrors, saw that the awning pole was going to hit the fence post.  No big deal I thought.  I’ll just pull her forward and shimmy her to away from the post a bit.  As I pulled forward, I turned too soon and ended up pushing the side of Bessie into the fence.  Bessie took the brunt of the pain, but it still tweaked the fence a bit.  Verbal estimate on Bessie’s repair: $2,000 to $3,000!  I’m glad we have insurance!

That’s it for now!  We’ll keep you all posted as we start the next leg!

We love you all!

Love, always,
Ben and Shannon

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  1. P.S. I have probably told you this before, but when I first look at your posts the pictures are all stacked on top of each other – none are side by side – and many of them are rotated laying on their sides. Once I leave a reply and post it and go back and look then they are all right side up and side-by-side. It’s so weird!

  2. Awesome pictures!
    Hope bessie is repaired and that you’received on the road again!
    I have always wanted to see tombstone! That is cool you are seeing these places!

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