San Antonio – Post 2 – General Conference and Nature

San Antonio – Post 2 – General Conference and Nature

Location:  Boerne (Pronounced Bernie), TX – Just outside of San Antonio

Days 39 – 40

General Conference!

The main focus of these two days was General Conference.  We were able to listen to some great talks and get some wonderful direction.  You can watch or listen to any of the talks at  There were a few talks about the Holy Ghost.  This is a subject I’ve been thinking about a lot so there was some good information to digest.

On Saturday, in-between the afternoon session and Priesthood, we ate at an old school burger shop called Soda Pops and went for a drive around the Boerne area.  We also were able to enjoy some wildlife!

Sunday, after the afternoon session, we went for a drive to Canyon Lake.  It was AMAZING!  The lake is a man made lake that is very large and crystal blue.  There are at least 8 boat ramps around it and a very large earth dam.  The dam is 1.1. miles across and is paved on top for you to walk across.  The non water side of the dam is completely covered in grass and just adds to the beauty.  We were there right at sunset and were able to watch an amazing sunset over the water.  It was really windy too (like the rest of our time in Texas).

We love you all!

Love, always,
Ben and Shannon

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