San Antonio – We made it!

San Antonio – We made it!

Location:  Boerne (Pronounced Bernie), TX – Just outside of San Antonio

Days 37 – 38

We made it to San Antonio!  Well, to Boerne (pronounced Bernie) at least.  Boerne is about 20 minutes north of San Antonio along I-10.  We stayed at the Alamo Fiesta RV Park.  It is pretty large (about 200 spots).  Unfortunately, we didn’t get one with shade, but it is a nice place to stay for a little bit.  It was incredible to see/feel the difference with the brakes!  I actually felt like we were stopping without having to “slam” on them the whole time.

We arrived later Thursday night and ate at a little restaurant in Boerne called Bella’s.  It is authentic Italian.  It was very good!  The pizza crust was so different, kind of floppy, but tasted amazing!

Friday, after work, we headed to San Antonio.  We needed to do some shopping, but most importantly, we wanted to attend the San Antonio temple.  That’s one reason we were in a hurry to get to San Antonio.  The Lubbock temple was closed for cleaning this week and San Antonio is closing for cleaning next week!  Also, General Conference is this weekend, so the temples would be closed anyway for that.

We also had to pick a new tow brake for our car.  This is a device that pushes on the cars brakes when the motorhome slows down.  We had that shipped to a UPS store in San Antonio which was VERY convenient for us.

Next, we went to dinner at a place called Aldaco’s.  AMAZING!!  It is a fancier Mexican resturant and well worth every penny!  It is right across the street from the San Antonio temple too!

Next, we went to the temple.  We didn’t realize that you needed an appointment to attend an endowment session, so that created a little bit of a mix up, but we decided to participate in sealings instead. Sealings are were families are sealed together for eternity.  This was a FANTASTIC experience!  We just loved the temple here!  The stain glass is on every side and is just beautiful!  You can learn more about the temple at (See all the temples we’ve visited!)

One of my favorite parts is the spire.  At the top you can see the sun and during the day, it looks like a blue sky underneath.  At night, the sky changes and you can see stars showing through!  Love it!

We love you all!

Love, always,
Ben and Shannon

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