Day 36: Lubbock, TX and can we leave?

Day 36: Lubbock, TX and can we leave?

Location:  Lubbock, TX

Day 36

Today started out VERY early.  We lost an hour by coming into Texas and so we went to bed fairly late.  Then, we had a CRAZY thunderstorm come through at 5 AM.  We only had a few lightning strikes and thunder, but the rain was pouring!  Luckily, that only lasted an hour and it was all stopped by the time we left at 7 to take Bessie in to the shop.

We dropped Bessie off at the shop and then leaded to the Pancake house for breakfast.


Check out their shirts and the 10 commandments!  We love this!


Not too long after we got back from breakfast, they gave us the news about Bessie.  Sure enough, the back brakes had been burned.  They told us that they were adjusted too tight and that they were white and weren’t safe to drive with.  We told them to go ahead and replace them, and get them adjusted right.  We also asked them to adjust the headlights so we could actually see!

Most of the day was spent in their lobby with me working, us waiting and Shannon talking with our new friend Kenneth.  He was waiting for his truck to be looked at.  He shared a lot of stories and experiences with us.  It was fun talking with him.

Around lunchtime, we went for a drive to the Lubbock temple.  (See all the temples we’ve visited.)

We were hoping to leave Lubbock sometime in the afternoon and get to San Antonio (6 hour drive by car) that night.  As the day wore on with Bessie in the shop, we realized that wasn’t going to happen.

Bessie was finally done about 5:30 PM with a total cost of $1,310.  I won’t ever complain again about changing the breaks in my car!  She was done though, and that was the good thing.

We opted to go half way and stop in San Angelo for the night.  Here is a little bit of the drive.

Next, on to San Antonio for the weekend.

We love you all!

Love, always,
Ben and Shannon

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  1. Sorry about the bad luck breaks. At least they are good and safe! Beautiful pictures!
    Thanks for the new posts and new scenery – looks awesome!

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