Day 20: Saying Goodbye…for now

Day 20: Saying Goodbye…for now

Location:  St. George, Utah

Day 20

Today was an absolutely glorious day!

We went to brunch at Black Bear Diner with our family before they departed.  It was an absolute 10!  Even digestion-wise!  🙂  I got the ‘Big Bear’ breakfast with a waffle (to which I added fruit/cream), scrambled eggs, and instead of getting the meat that came with it, I got red potatoes.  It was delectable!  And, honestly, it was the best waffle I had ever eaten!!!  I hate when waffles get all soggy from the toppings and syrup.  And this didn’t!  It was great!  (Be sure to ask for real butter.  If you don’t you get the fake stuff.)

Random side note.

One thing I haven’t really talked about is our couch/fold out full bed…which is where our guests slept.  We knew that we wanted anyone that came and stayed with us to be as comfortable as possible.  So, even though our couch is a memory foam mattress, we decided to also get a 3 inch memory foam topper.  Apparently the reviews were about 4.5 stars.  The space was the biggest ding to it being a 5 star bed.  (Especially for someone coming from a King sized bed.)

And, can I just say that I am grateful that we have 2 sets of doors and our bathroom between our main living area and our bedroom?  It rocks!

After lunch, we said our goodbyes.


It was sad, and okay.  I miss them, already.  But I am grateful for the modern technology of our day that will allow us to see their cute faces and talk to their awesome voices and message them through words whenever we want.  It is such a blessing!

After we said our farewells, we went about our day.  Ben had to go back to work, and we had our daily things to do.

We ran a couple of errands that night, and went for a little drive to get as much sunshine as we could.

One time Ben related my need for sunshine in reference to Wall-E when he gets the Apple computer turn on noise when he is fully charged by the sun.  And that is how I feel.  Charged, powered up, and ready to go!  I am dependent on the sun.  And that is one of the major reasons why our new lifestyle is so important for my emotional (and physical) health.  I am absolutely affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder – aka too many clouds/not enough sunshine.)

Here are some pictures of our drive.


And that is about it!

I hope you enjoy these littler posts, as well as the gargantuan ones!

With love, always,
Ben and Shannon

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