Day 19: Leeds to St. George

Day 19: Leeds to St. George

Location:  St. George, Utah
Day 19

This was a very warm and beautiful Sunday.

It started out with plumbing problems.  We have a crack in our black tank, which we had already known about.  But that isn’t what our plumbing problems were this day.

Fresh Water Tank:  Where the clean water is stored.
Gray Tank:  Where the dirty sink/shower/laundry water is stored.
Black Tank:  where the potty stuff goes.  A necessary yuck!

So we knew that we have a crack in our black tank.  But this issue was new.

The black tank actually backed up…and we couldn’t flush.  Anything.

I didn’t want to leave it that way until the evening (after church and a family dinner at someone else’s house), and I asked Ben if we could stay and fix it.  I’ll let him tell the details of how we fixed it.  But it was a fairly simple (but a pretty gross) fix.

So we were already running late to the ward we were going to attend with our family at 1.  And as we left to attend the Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society meetings and then to go to dinner with extended family, I started having greater anxiety.  Most of the time I can push through.  But because of being with other people for 24/7 for the 2.5+days prior to that, I couldn’t handle the idea of being around that many people…and putting on a face.  Which is unfortunate to realize how much I still do that.  It’s been an active part of my life the past few years just being me, and unapologetic about it.  Well, as unapologetic as I can be.  And I decided (with God’s okay) that I didn’t feel up to attending my family stuff that day.

I learned multiple lessons this day…or rather had a confirmation of lessons I’ve had before.

1 – listen to what my heart is saying it needs

2 – 3 days and 3 nights is an absolute max for me to have anyone stay with us, or us stay with them
(No matter how much I like/love spending time with them)

3 – just be.  And stop putting on a damn face

4 – MY pacing is important to remember and honor.
I felt so rushed as we had guests.  I am a fairly leisure paced person…and having other people around that are more ‘movement oriented’ is a challenge.  But honoring myself is important.

So we were by Leeds going north on I-15 and I saw the “Silver Reef” recreation sign, and I asked Ben “what is that?”  He didn’t know.  So we decided to find out.  (Then afterward I remembered my visiting teacher talking about a ghost town in Leeds.)  So we drove up Silver Reef Road.  There is a museum there (that we didn’t go to).  But we decided to keep driving West.  It turned into a dirt road, which was Dixie National Forest area.  Ben hopped out to get a free map from the little kiosky thingy.  (It is a HUGE map!)  We were going to drive up to the kilns, and started heading that way.  But the road is closed off part of the way up…and neither one of us wanted to hike.  So we decided to turn around and go back to the turnoff that leads to St. George and take that.  For 24 miles.  We didn’t know where it was going to ‘spit us out’ in St. George, since we aren’t super familiar with this area (though we are learning and are able to get around pretty good).  So we went.

A couple crazy things we saw on the drive were:

1 – a guy had a truck/tiny bumper pull camper back past where the sign said ‘trailers not recommended past this area’.  He was backed in and parked in a tiny turnoff on the edge of a cliff.  It was awesome!  And I totally should’ve taken his picture and didn’t!

2 – TWO different CARS on the dirt road.  One was backing up, up a hill because you had to cross a creek to continue on, and he didn’t want to (which is our guess).  The other was on a crazy rutted dirt road, and we were like “whhaaaaa?!?!?”  I don’t get it!  I am SO grateful we have an SUV that is made for that stuff!!!

3 – a random orchard!  (I can’t imagine having to drive in on that dirt road to get to an orchard in the mountain!)

4 – pretty close to the orchard was a ranch!  Same thing!  I can’t imagine having to drive that dirt road to get to a ranch!

Here are a few of the pictures I took on the drive.


And it spit us out at the northern end of St. George!  🙂  All in all, I think it took us about an hour and a half to 2 hours.  It was beautiful!  And I needed it!  I felt recharged and ready to go!

Then we hung out at home and saw this cool sunset from our windows.

And then we hung out with our family after they got home around 8:30.

It was a good day!  And I’m glad I honored myself instead of doing things out of obligation.

I hope that as we each honor our true selves, the world will become a happier place.  And I’m doing my part with that.  <3

We love you all!

Ben and Shannon

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