Day 17: Glitter Mountain, Zions and Friend Time

Day 17: Glitter Mountain, Zions and Friend Time

Location:  St. George, Utah

Day 17


It was a beautiful and slightly ‘cloudy’ day. AND super warm! The clouds were this really light white whispy stuff that still let the sunshine through.  (Even though this is the morning temperature picture I took at like 10ish, it warmed up to almost 80*!)
We are entertaining some of our immediate family that are visiting from out of town. Ben took the day off so we could spend the day with them.
We first started out at Glitter Mountain. It is a mountain full of selenite/gypsum…and it was SO awesome! I love stones and gems and meanings and awesomeness. And it was that. It is everywhere! As soon as we got out of the car, smaller pieces were all over the ground. And we collected a bunch.

I wish that the photos did the sparkles justice.  It was absolutely beautiful!

We weren’t the only ones with the brilliant idea of visiting Glitter Mountain. There were at least 30 other people there…including one really large homeschooling group full of little kids.

It was still great!

After that, we went to Zions…with a cool drive past Sandy Hollow Reservoir.


The drive into Zions (so before it) I am sure is much more magnificent when it is green. It was still more ‘winter looking’ but still had its own beauty.


In Zions, the first thing we did was go to Weeping Rock. That’s pretty much the only thing I cared about seeing. It was beautiful, even though the water was on the lower end.
And then while we were up at Weeping Rock, we were able to see people hiking up to, and at the top of, Angel’s Landing.  Here are a few photos.
I’m pretty sure this is Angel’s Landing on the way to Weeping Rock.
This is from Weeping Rock.  Angel’s Landing is the one second from the right of the mountains that you can see the tops of.
Here is up close and personal with crazies on the top!
I don’t know how well you can see it, but the mountain line with the trees is where people are climbing which is where they have to hold on to the chain in the rock in order to continue to hike up.
If you decide to do the Angel’s Landing hike, be sure not to take small children.  And be smart.  There have been multiple people that have died.  5 mile hike which averages 5 hours round trip.  Take lots of water and food, don’t go in the middle of summer, and be in good shape.  And please please please be safe.
Then we went and did the Riverside Walk. The whole thing. Until the walkway ends.
There were these cute little places where the water was bubbling up in multiple places…we assume it was a spring.  It was so cute!  See it there by the rock?
We saw a lot of people coming back (as we were walking out) in waterproof clothes with backpacks. So we asked a guy what was up with that. Apparently you can hike up in the Canyons and it is quite beautiful. It was about 3:30 and he had been on the since 9 am. 9am. That is a 7 hour round trip. In cooler temperatures. I’d guess it was about 60ish in there…maybe even less. I say ‘more power to ya’…but that is NOT my cup o’ tea…and it is very, VERY, likely it won’t ever be.
Then we went to one of the rock shops. I bought a few different stone pendents. It was hilarious to see them selling selenite for $8 a pop.. when we had just gotten a bunch for free. It was awesome. They are smoothed out and polished. But still.
Then we met some friends at a restaurant called Oscar’s for dinner. It was fantastic!!! Totally a 10!  They use such different spice combinations in their food, which is mostly Mexican; however they do have some sandwiches and burgers and ribs, as well.
Then we went home, and after I got clean and ready for bed, I crashed. My normal sleep schedule is 3-4 am to 10-noonish. Last night I was so exhausted (as much from the heat as the hikes) that I went to sleep at 11:30. It was new. Then I slept till 10:30ish…around 11 hours, and I probably could’ve slept longer.
It is so easy to criticize myself. I feel ‘less than’ because my husband did the dishes last night. Or I can’t even keep up with our guests who are more than half again my age. And I get stuck in that.
But last night I was reminded (by God) of my sensitivity and that I was really exhausted in more than one way, and to stop comparing myself to others.
I am fat. But there is more more more to the equation of exhaustion than that. And it’s okay. I am choosing to love and respect my body and be patient with it regardless. And give it the time and healing that it needs.
So I am trying.
I hope you enjoy all these pictures and that you are enjoying the journey with us.
I love you all and I thank you for everything.
Love, always,
Ben and Shannon

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  1. Great pics, especially of Ben and Dad, what a pair haha! That was one of my favorite days there!!! Love ya

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