Day 15: Journal vs. Journey

Day 15: Journal vs. Journey

In a 24 hour period, I had 9 people read my last blog post that took me over 2 hours to complete.  And it made me sad.  And feel worthless.  So, I decided that I am writing these for me.  I don’t know if I’ll continue to share them on facebook, But I’ll look at this as a Journal for myself, for now.

Location:  St. George, Utah
Day 15

Today was glorious!  It was the warmest it has been the entire time we have been in St. George.  And I loved it.



The one thing that I really noticed and looked at today is how beautiful everything was for me.  Even before I moved from my last house, I marveled.  A lot.  At the different landscapes and plants and beautiful skies and glorious clouds.  I marveled.  It is no different, here.  But I had something come to mind and I wanted to share it.

“There is beauty all around.  When there’s love at home.”

It’s true.  And I know it’s true.  When I feel loved, everything around me, and everywhere I look, I see beauty.  But when I am angry or frustrated, or having a really hard time and depressed, my excitement is at a low, and I just don’t ‘see it’.

But I DO see it.  I see it.  I marvel.  I get excited.  I gasp at the beauty around me.

And I gasp at the beauties in me.  I know that I have a lot to offer.  And as I see the magnificence all around me, I’m reminded of the magnificence inside of me.  Even if no one follows me.  Even if no one ‘likes’ it.  Even if no one wants to share in it.  It’s still there.  All packaged up, and ready to go.  God made me.  So, why would I be anything less?  I’m not.  And neither are you.

Look for those things.  Look for those things that speak to YOU, and reminds YOU of your glorious and eternal nature.  See it.  Bask in it.  Honor it.  And you will come to know a you you never knew you could.  And it will be glorious.

All my love, and joy to share,

Shannon (and Ben)

3 thoughts on “Day 15: Journal vs. Journey

  1. Love the pics! This does need to be for you. Most people have been to St George, I’m sure there will be more interest in new places! Love you 🙂

  2. Hi Ben and Shannon,
    We love reading and seeing your pictures! And have been following your blog from the start, so don’t Stop!
    We’re just not Facebookers or tweeters….🤐
    Enjoy the sunny weather!
    Jeremy and Yolanda

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