Day 14 – Warner Valley

Day 14 – Warner Valley

Location:  St. George, Utah

Day 14

Today was a beautiful day.

We arranged with some of our family members to go to Warner Valley and check out Fort Pearce and the Dinosaur Tracks.  Here are a bunch of pictures of our visit and travels.

I thought this picture of the 4 different jet streams, the mountains and the sunshine was rad, and had to share it.

The sexy hubby and the awesome mountain and sand.



These are some cool petroglyphs at the Fort Pearce Site.

The fort had these little descriptor plaques.  They were very faded, and hard to read.   


These are pictures of the actual fort.


   (I’m glad my windows are bigger than that!)

On the flat grayish rock in the middle of the picture is a lil lizard.  It is the first lizard I have seen as we have been here in all our travels!  SUPER cute…and chubby.  I wonder if it is gonna lay some eggs or something.

This is a view looking from inside the fort remains, out.


Dinosaur Tracks

Here are a few pictures of the dinosaur tracks, and the information boards.



Here are some cool pictures on the way out to the paved road, area.


Here are some awesome pictures on the paved road – before I turned off my camera at dinner.


And as a random side note?  The pictures that have the green looking grass was a conversation Ben and I had the other day.  We were at a distance, and we saw the green field.  I asked him “what do you think those green areas/fields are?”  He replied “I don’t know.  Maybe a sod farm.”  I laughed…”a sod farm in St. George?!?  They would have to water it like crazy, here!”  Guess what?  As we drove by today?  Sod farm.  He was right!  You were right, Ben!!!!!

And, last picture tonight – though not least is this beauty.  It turned out kinda fuzzy, But I included it, anyway!

BLOSSOMS!!!  It’s definitely spring here in St. George.  And I can’t say enough how much I love it!!!

Oh.  And an update on the tire?  Irreparable.  I knew it.  And, random other side note, we replaced the other 2, as well.  Now we have 3 3/4+ new tires (remember the other one was brand new in August.  Lol.)  So, we are good to go, now!!!

It took my computer about an hour and a half to download all these photos.  I hope you find it as beautiful as we did.  Though no camera can capture to true beauty and essence of the world.  The beauty is in the energy of the place, and the emotion, as well as it is in the physical.

We love you all!  And, thanks family, for taking us to these places!  It was great to spend time with you!!!  We love you!

Love, always,
Ben and Shannon

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