Day 12 – Church and Crazy Wind

Day 12 – Church and Crazy Wind

Location:  St. George, Utah
Day 12

It was a beautiful day!  AND crazAAYYYY windy!

We accidentally slept through our alarm.  So, we ended up attending Sacrament Meeting in a different ward.  It was great!  All the testimonies about Prayer reminded me of my own need to ‘up’ my prayer ‘game’.  I am grateful God loves me anyway…even when I fail to ask…even when I fail to receive…and even when I fail to commit.  He is so omnipotent in His great love and blessings for us.

After Church, we came home and made dinner.  Yes…I can cook.  And, I am actually quite good at it!  I just don’t really care for the cleanup.  Or even some of the prep.  I am grateful to be married to a man that helps with both.  <3

We had whole wheat pasta with cream sauce with broccoli, peas, corn, and peppers included in the pasta.  We also had a side of pineapple.

Then we decided to take advantage of the glorious weather, and we went on a drive.

During the beginning part of our drive, we listened to this talk by Elder Holland, and it was incredible!  (We did the speech to text option in the ‘Gospel Library’ app.

We drove through Santa Clara, and around into Arizona, and then back through the ‘Gorge’ to get back to St. George.  It was a cool drive.  But it was SUPER windy!!! And quite scary in some of it.  But, we pressed on, and got home safely.

Here are some (read MANY MANY MANY) pictures.

We took Sunset Blvd. until it turned into Old Highway 91.

These are pictures along Sunset Blvd.


Old Highway 91


(YES!  That’s how windy it was!!!)


These were at the end of the canyon.

(It looked so eerie because of all the wind and dust!!!!!)


Here are pictures from the Gorge Canyon

(These are to give you an idea of the sheer size of the mountains here.)

(Please forgive me if there are any repeats!!!)

These are some pictures after the Gorge.


And then we went on another drive, or rather just continued driving.  Something about a Round something or other.  I can’t remember.


It was a pretty rough dirt road for this last ‘leg’ of our journey.

And, then there was this.  Lol.


I am so glad I listened to that little paranoid voice (that’s what Ben thought it was – legitly as I am a pretty worrisome person) about not getting on the freeway in case something was up with the tires.  Let’s just say on another beautiful Sunday afternoon, we went for another dirt road drive and got a flat tire…which was irreparable.  It would’ve probably been fine it we hadn’t driven so long on the tire.  We learned that when you have your window down, enjoying the weather, and you hear this pfft….pffft….pfffft sound (as the tire rotates), that you don’t ignore it as a random ‘dirt road sound’.  It probably isn’t.  Lol.  Thank goodness for tire warranties!  $20 bucks later and a brand new tire since it couldn’t be replaced!  I have a gut feeling this one will be the same way.  Who knows…we may just end up replacing them all instead of waiting until the end of summer/early fall.

But, it really is funny.  We both got a good chuckle out of it.

A couple things that would be good to note…is how to change YOUR flat tire and put on your spare.  Our spare is underneath the back end of the car, and you have to put part of the jack into a little hole and crank it to let the tire down.  I’d be clueless without Ben.  Totally find out how YOURS works…in case you are ever in this situation, yourself.

We got it all changed out and back out on the road about 30 minutes later.  I am so grateful that we were not stranded, but that the tire decided to go flat when we were in a lighted and paved area.  God is so miraculous that way…He loves to help us along and keep us safe.

And, I’m also grateful He uses my paranoia to sometimes work in my behalf.  I almost – like this *shows fingers about a quarter inch apart* – let Ben talk me into taking the freeway anyway.  Who knows…if I hadn’t listened to that little paranoia voice, he could’ve been changing the flat tire on the freeway…or we could’ve had an accident…who knows what could’ve happened.  But I am glad that I listened and stood my ground.  I know God uses us, and these types of things are a perfect witness of that.  And I love and credit Him – Always.

And I’m so grateful for you, and your journey with us!

You are loved, and you life is so worth living, even when it feels like all it is is drudgery.  Look for and seek your own miracles.  And trust that they happen…and that they do and will happen.  For you are worth it.

With great love,

Ben and Shannon

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  1. Glad you listened, glad I have a handy son-in-law! Glad you are enjoying your journey so far! Glad I get to see Yuku soon! 😉 love ya

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