Day 11 – Acts of Service and Hidden Figures Movie

Day 11 – Acts of Service and Hidden Figures Movie

Location:  St. George, Utah
Day 11

It was a beautiful day.  We got some things done around the house.

We went to dinner at Taco Time, and ate in the ‘restaurant’.

As we were leaving, we saw this car in the drive thru that had a “Just Married” sign on their rear window.  We didn’t exactly pay attention as to how to get out of there.  So, we ended up behind a car in the drive thru and in front of the “Just Married” couple.  It was taking FOR-E-VER….like literally we were in line for 15 (at least) minutes…for ONE car!  (We had just eaten inside and it was a pretty quick experience.)  Amidst all our chatting, I had this thoughtspiration to pay for the couple behind us.  I asked Ben what he thought, and he was totally game.  I’ll admit…I smiled like a little kid at surprise time.  It was so FUN!  They weren’t expecting it.  But it was SO much fun!!!

Ben and I had a conversation afterwards.  He was like “I was worried that they were ordering for like 20 people and we’d have to pay the whole thing”.  I said “I thought of that very thing, actually…and I had come to the conclusion that we were willing to pay X.  So, I decided that even if their total exceeded that, we could still contribute what we planned on.  That way we could pay a part of their bill, instead of committing to the entire thing.”  It really is a good idea.  I think so many people (us included) worry about the total being more than we can pay.  BUT what if we just did as much as we could, instead of opting to do nothing?????  I know that I have erred on the side of opting not to pay, instead of just what I could do a time or two, or twenty – even though I don’t really have a time coming to mind, I’m sure I have.  Isn’t that what the Savior asks of us, and would have us do?  As much as we can???  And then let Him make up where we lack.  It’s such a beautiful service He has offered us.

I do not tell you this to brag, but because it made me so happy.  How cool is it to do an anonymous act of service.  When you do, you get the pleasure of ‘writing’ your own story about how they will respond and how much it means to them.  It takes away the possibility of being disappointed because they are not really grateful for what you have done.  It rocks!!!

We went for a little drive.  It was kind of overcast.  It’s been pretty consistent the last few days of 65-70* temperatures.  It’s been a really nice experience.  I don’t want to complain about the snow, because it is such a blessing, but my soul has needed this for a long time…this consistent warmer temps.  And I’m grateful to be in them.  <3


And then we decided to go to a movie.  We try to stick to wholesome movies, and that tends to be G or PG ratings.  (This last year we have branched out and seen a few PG-13 movies, if they are ‘appropriate’.)  And the only one we hadn’t seen – and had a desire to – was Hidden Figures.  It was a great movie.  I don’t know if I will watch it again/buy it, but it was a great one time movie.  What some people have accomplished is so totally cool!!!

I will say this, though…I’m so tired of everything being tainted with taking the Lord’s name in vain.  Just STOP it!  I can handle an ‘F’ word way over the misuse of my God’s name(s).

It was a good day, and I am grateful, again, for it.

I love you all as does Ben!

Ben and Shannon

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