Day 8

Day 8

Location:  St. George, Utah
Day 8

Today was a beautiful day!

And it was the warmest that it has been while we have been here.

Today, we got a lot done around home.  We organized, and went through most of the stuff that was causing the mess, and put it where it needed to go.  We still have a few things that we are trying to figure out where to put.  Like cereal and snacks and such.  So some of the items are staying out at the table, intentionally, until we get that figured out.

We went to Pizza Factory, again, for dinner.  It was another ’10’.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then we went to Smith’s to get a some cereal and bananas, and to see what kinds of bread they carry.  It was amazing how sparse the healthier breads were on the shelves.

And check out these amazing pictures of a jet stream in the sunset (that I took on the way in to Smith’s)!  And then with the moon!  I cannot even begin to express the excitement and thrill I got from this hot pink jetstream in the sky.  It was amazing!  I don’t remember ever seeing anything like it!!!

Then we went to WalMart.  We have some pictures to hang up in our bedroom and wanted to get some ‘command hooks’ for it.

Then we came back home and hung out.  We watched Thoroughly Modern Milly, while we played some games.  Let’s just say we will not be watching it, again.  So much to say, and I ain’t gonna do it, here.  My intention for this blog is to be for and about our travels.  Not my passionate and controversial opinions…at least about stuff like that.  I’ll save that for Facebook.  😉

That’s pretty much the rest of what we did, other than a couple of loads of laundry.

Right now, I feel like we are rather boring people.  And I’m sure not the most entertaining to read about, on some days.  But, such is life, isn’t it?  I would love to be able to play and have adventures all day long, but like I said in another post…our regular life is still going on.  Adventures will be had along the way…but not all day every day.

Still not sure where to go, next.  We considered Sedona Arizona.  But I called on an RV park there, and they don’t have a spot for a rig our size…and even if they did, they don’t have any openings until May.  It’s a frustrating situation.  We ‘should’ve’ planned our direction and parks a few months ago…at least for Arizona – since it’s more popular during the ‘winter’.

Anyway.  I will close for now.  I hope that you all know how much we love you, and are grateful for you.  I hope that by coming here, you feel of that love, and all the love that’s available to you.  Know you are loved…by more than us.  And it is good.  <3  AND so are YOU!

Love, always,
Benjamin and Shannon

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