Day 7

Day 7

Location:  St. George, Utah
Day 7

Today was a glorious day!  Blue skies and sunshine.

And it felt really warm because of the combination of the sun and the temperature.  I am so grateful!!!

Today I got a few random things done…
I did another load of laundry in our combo washer/dryer.
It’s such an interesting machine.  And I am grateful for it!

This is what our washer/dryer looks like.
Right now, as I type this, it is working on another load of towels.

Ben got up really early today.  He was able to replace the kitchen faucet and the water filter faucet.  I wish we had taken before pictures.  I love how this looks, and I am so grateful for him…and I’m grateful that he is amazingly handy!!!!!

After Ben got off work, we went to Durango’s for dinner.  It was delishous (yes I know that is not how it’s spelled).  I definitely ate too much!  It’s interesting, too, how the same food that tastes equally good is amplified by a million times if you are actually in the mood for that certain food.  So it was still a 10, today, but a less enthusiastic ’10’.  I think I would’ve enjoyed ‘Mad Pita’ better…again….not because Durango’s wasn’t good.  But because it wasn’t the type of food that was going to hit my spot.

I will let Ben tell about the braking system in the Envoy, if he decides to.  But there is a brake that sits on the floor of the Envoy to sense when we are slowing and pushes on the brake.  Because our vehicle is over 3,000 pounds, it is required by law to have.  Anyway.  The brake itself has a glitch, and so we had to stop at the UPS store to send it back to them so they could fix it.  They are supposed to get it back to us in a week and a half.  I hope that they are able to!  I definitely want to move on after our month, here.  But, I’d rather have it fixed right and take a little longer than still have problems when it is shipped back to us.

(I even took selfies with my giant camera while I was waiting in the car as Ben went into the UPS store.  Lol.)

Today was such a beautiful day that I wanted to drive around the St. George Mountain that has the ‘D’ on it.  I don’t know directions very well, so you’re just gonna have to deal with my less than fantastic details.  I took some awesome pictures!  We even drove through Ivins and Kayenta and parts of Santa Clara instead of heading back in to St. George once we got to Sunset Blvd.


We drove by the St. George Tabernacle, again, tonight (we did last night looking for Judd’s).  And they are doing some work on it.


This is the direction we went.  Towards the ‘D’ and left around the mountain.
It was SO beautiful!


Look!  BLOSSOMS!!!!!  It made my heart all beautifully melty as I saw them!
I almost shrieked out of pure joy!!!


Then as we got to Sunset Blvd, we headed out towards Santa Clara and Ivins and Kayenta.

(Check out this roundabout!)


(I think this is the picture that has the 4 jets in it.)

(This is the street to get to Tuacahn – a massive outdoor theater.)


Ben does not like his picture taken.  This one is kinda blurry because of it.  Rephrase.  Ben does not like a ‘click click click click click’ until the ‘right’ (perfectess) picture is taken.  He’s a ‘single click’ kind of guy.  Lol.


We seriously saw about 15 jackrabbits as we were out and about through Kayenta.  It was insane!  This was the best picture I got since the rabbit was ‘on the move’.


These pictures of the moon and whatever planet that is were so cool!  (I’m assuming it is Venus?)  I love that you can see the entire moon, and that my awesome camera picked it up!

(It was pretty dark at this time, so I’m impressed my camera took as good of picture of this as it did!)

After our drive, we went to Ace Hardware to get a couple of things for the motorhome.
We will probably talk about our projects as we go along.

Then we came back home.  I’m pretty stressed.  I have so much on my mind (like where to go next), and it is takin’ up a lot of ‘space’.  So, I’ve pretty much vegged all night.  I have this slight phobia about telling everybody the details that we experience like me being stressed, as I’m afraid of people thinking I’m crazy or lazy, or whatever.  But, I guess it doesn’t matter if you do.  I am grateful for my husband that knows me, and helps me in all my processes…and understands when I need to just ‘go lay down’.  He is amazing and I love him oh so much!  And, please.  I don’t need you to ‘fix’ my ‘problems’.  Just love us, and pray for us.  That is all.  <3 <3 <3

Thanks, as always, for your love and support!
We love you!

Benjamin and Shannon

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  1. Glad you got the faucets in, they look great! And my heart did the little ootz thing when I saw the pink blossoms! Then it immediately felt jealous as we’re sitting here in the snow, then I feel guilty for not being grateful! Oh the cycles of life. Can’t wait until next week when we come down! Love ya!

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