Day 5 The Beauties of two kinds of Churches

Day 5 The Beauties of two kinds of Churches

Location:  St. George
Day 5

Today was a super glorious day!

(Besides the gorgeous weather, I love the contrast between colors and mountains and rocks.  All the cool colors and different textures…it’s just spectacular!  Especially with the contrast like today of the beautiful blue sky!!!!!)

We never got a call back from the Bishop whose ward (a Church congregation in a certain physical boundary area) we are actually in the boundaries of (so we didn’t know what address or time the meeting was – probably should make calls sooner than the day before in the future).  So, we decided to attend a ward whose Bishop we had found out details of where we attend from.  Doing the search on the was not accurate.  We called 2 Bishops to finally find out we were part of another ward with a third Bishop.

I am SO grateful we went to the ward that we did.  It was FANTASTIC!  All the talks, and lessons, were just fantastic.  And I felt the Spirit so strong!  It made me appreciate being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, even more.  Going to a completely different ward and building, yet having the same structure, and outline, and lessons, and everything.  I love feeling ‘at home’ regardless of where I am.  It is such a blessing!  A common goal by an uncommon group of people.

So, from 9-12, we were at church.  Actually thoroughly enjoying it.

Here are a couple of quotes.

“Somebody cared about you enough to create you as an individual.”  (He talked about the billions of people on the planet, and then asked if there was any just like ‘you’.  It was just another level of understanding for me, in this one ‘department’.)

“God never looses sight of our eternal potential, even when we do.”  (This was from a Sister in Relief Society’s planner.)

It really was a beatiful service, and marvelous experience.  And, yes, I made comments in Sunday School and in Relief Society.  And, when asked in Relief Society if I was visiting, or new, I said “We are just visiting and my husband and I live in an RV.”  Lol.  How’s that for a wild explanation?  😉

I even met a new friend.  I try not to let other people sit by themselves, because *I* don’t even like it, and so I asked a Sister if I could sit by her.  She said “Of course!”  So, we had a great time talking.  She was originally from the Salt Lake area and still had family living up there.  So, we had some good talks.  She’s a fun lady!

After Church, we were super hungry…super SUPER hungry…or, at least I was.  So we had some yummy pb and j’s and a few accompanyments.  Then, instead of taking a nap – which is what I wanted to do – I decided that I wanted to capitalize on the weather.

Seriously, I don’t think it could’ve been more perfect for the season it is.

Yeah…we even had the air conditioning on, and everything!

So, we decided to go for a drive in the second church:  Nature.

We drove up on the ‘Bluffs’, or whatever the major hill East of the Temple are called.   Here are a couple of pics from there.


 We drove all through there, and then drove out by the new airport.  There is a road over there, and…guess what?!?!?  This happened.

Yeah!  We went to Arizona, today.  Lol.  (For those that don’t know, St. George is almost right on the border between Utah and Arizona, so it wasn’t exactly a far drive over the state line.)

Random side note.  See those motorhomes behind the sign way across the way?  They are ‘boondocking’.  That is what it is called when you aren’t staying anywhere with hookups.  You are just running off of your own electricity, propane, water, and sewer.  It is one of the things we will be doing (probably) along the way…at least in some point in our travels.  For now, we are at a place with full hookups.  And really dumb wifi.

After we crossed the state line, we did a lot of driving.  Not very far after you cross the state line and drive onto a dirt road, there is a turnoff to go see some petroglyphs.

But, before that, there was some cool views.


It was pretty rad.

This is what it (Little Black Mountain) looks like – at a distance.

Here are some close ups of the petroglyphs.

(And, no, I’m not pregnant.  Just chubby.)

Here are some other pictures I took at the site – not of glyphs.

(The rocks are seriously so cool, here!  Some of them almost looked like fossils!  And a pretty cool – I think hawk – here, too.)

And then, we went on a cool drive, and I took a bunch of pictures.  I’ll just post a ‘few’, here.


And then, back in Utah, we drove the ‘back way’ to St. George and saw some other cool things.

(The water area is Sand Hollow Reservoir.  It was SO cool seeing the super blue water next to the red sand.)

We were invited over to our family’s house for dinner.  And in the interem (after our drive), we pulled over at a church, and I took a baby nap.  I was pretty tired.  Then, we went to our family’s house.  Where we had this yummyness for dinner.

There was also salad, rolls with butter, and jello involved.  And, dessert dessert dessert.  It was delectable.

And then?  And then, we sat around and chatted for about 4 hours.  I’d say that’s a success!  It was good time!  I appreciate, so much, being welcomed into our family’s (and friends’) homes.  It is wonderful to spend time together.  And then, I’ve been working on these 2 blog posts for the last 3 hours.  You are definitely welcome.  😉

Today has been a great day.  And, again, I appreciate all the love and support you have given to us, and continue to give to us.  You are all loved, so much.

Ben and Shannon

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  1. This was a fun post I learned about boondocking, and the petroglyphs. So glad you loved the ward you went to and that you got to spend time with family! Love ya both 🙂

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