Day 4 – Kolob Canyons

Day 4 – Kolob Canyons

Location:  St. George, Utah
Day 4

The internet was being really stupid last night, so I just did a Facebook post with only a couple of pictures.   Here is what I posted, and I will add more details after.

Sometimes your Internet is stupid and you just don’t want to mess with its ridiculousness in order to post Day 4. Rest assured, it will be posted. Just at a less stupid time.

I’ll give a brief synopsis, here, instead. And then, later, I’ll post on the blog and include pictures.

Today we went to the Recreation Information Center and got a few brochures. We also purchased a National Parks annual pass.

Then we went to Viva Chicken for dinner #1. And I got the Viva Salad and Benjamin got the 1/2 chicken french fries and sliced fruit (which I ate a little of). It was enthusiastic good (8). If my salad hadn’t had raw kale in it, I’d’ve been happier and it would’ve gotten a better ‘rating’ (instead of a ‘good’/7).

Then we drove to Kolob Canyons. It was pretty. And freezing. 15 degrees – or so – colder than St. George. (34 vs 52.)

Then went to Sally Beauty Supply to pick up a pair of hair cutting scissors. And a comb/razor thing for Ben’s stray beard hairs.

Then we went to dinner #2 at Durango’s. (It’s similar to Cafe Rio and Costa Vida. But SO much better!) We got a bean/cheese/rice burrito enchilada style to share. It was delectable. (Which means a 10 on my scale.)

Then we went to Coldstone and shared a dessert. Remind me next time not to eat there. I got a headache and it made me feel bloated and gross. (I don’t feel that way at every ice cream place!)

We debated telling all y’all about eating at 2 places in one day. But decided just to be candid. Judge us, if you will. It’s all good.

Then we came back and I gave Ben a haircut. Maybe it’s kinda sad. I haven’t decided if I’ll be okay with it, or not. If not, I’ll have someone else ‘fix’ it.

Anyway…we love you all, and I can’t wait to tell you about the coolest parts of today!

Love, always,
Benjamin and Shannon

Today was a little warmer than yesterday.


It was pretty overcast, as well.


It started out at the Recreation Center where we went to see what kinds of brochures they had, and see what kinds of sights they recommended.  We also picked up an annual National Parks Pass, since we knew we would be using it a lot. (For anyone wanting to know the cost, it was $80, there was no tax.  And it goes from the month you purchase it, for a year.)

They had this cool map of the Grand Canyon and local areas.

It’s so fun to have experiences like this one was.  The guy came out to check on us, and I asked about the pass.  He said that they do sell it there.  He then told us we better come in because they were closing in 5 minutes.  It’s crazy to have already multiple experiences of ‘serendipitous’ and ‘perfect timing’ as we have.  God is good.  <3

After we left, we decided to go to Kolob Canyons, and knew that it would be at least an hour until we were back.  So, we decided to have an early dinner (or lunch, for me).  So we decided to go to Viva Chicken.

It was an ‘enthusiastic good’.  Which is an 8.  Like I said in my FB post, if I hadn’t had raw kale in my salad (which I wasn’t expecting), I would’ve ranked it a ‘really good’ or 8.5-9.  Their restaurant was really clean, and they were very friendly.  Be careful, though.  They have charcoal in piles as part of the ambiance.

After we left Viva Chicken, we drove to Kolob Canyons.  Here are a couple of pictures along the way (from St. George to the Canyons).


Kolob Canyons is awesome.  It’s a short 5 mile drive up a cool red paved road.  It ends at the top, so there is no through way.

On the way up.

At the top.


On the way back down.

(Seriously!  It was freezing!!!)

(I thought this rock was so cool!)

(This was a super cool frozen baby waterfall – really it was just frozen runoff.  I liked it, nonetheless.)

These were on the way home from Kolob Canyons.

After we got home, we decided (I decided) we (I) were (was) hungry, again.  So we decided to try another restaurant, but first we went to Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Ben has been desperate for a haircut for the last couple of months – at least.  I’ve (mostly) enjoyed it longer.  But it’s driven him crazy.  I knew that I wanted to get the flyaways off of his beard, and so our real intent in going to Sally’s Beauty Supply was to get one of the comb/razor all in one things…just to catch the strays.  While we were there, I decided to pick up a pair of scissors, since I was the one that was going to be cutting his hair.  So I got some cool blue leopard print scissors.

There was a restaurant almost right next door to the Beauty Supply place.  So, Ben wanted to try it.  It’s called Durango’s.

It is similar in concept to Cafe Rio and Costa Vida.  But, let me tell you.  It is WAY better!  Like a million times!!!  Not to mention my body loved the food.  Unlike Cafe Rio.  It does okay with Costa Vida.  But does NOT like Cafe Rio.  I keep forgetting that, too, and keep going there.  We will FOR SURE be going back to Durango’s!!!!!  I didn’t even get any pictures of our food…we snarfed it up!  We got and shared a bean and cheese and rice burrito – enchilada style.  And then we got a kid’s quesadilla.  It was delectable.  (Which is also a 10 on my list.)  I don’t think I could’ve been happier with it!  Oh!  A sour cream addition was 100% ‘necessary’ for this meal!  Not too shabby for $9.83.  🙂

I almost wanted to frow up after, though.  We saved room for Coldstone, and waited in an insane line.  We waited 20-30 minutes in line.  And got an ice cream, and shared it.  It wasn’t more than a half hour and I got a headache and felt all yucky.  Like I said on my Facebook post…’remind me no to eat there, again’.  And, no, my body doesn’t have a problem with every ice cream joint!

Then we came back home, and finished our ice cream.  (OH!  We had ‘prime real estate’ in our parking spot at Sally’s/Durango/Coldstone.  Lol.  The parking there was insane.  So we decided to leave, instead of eating the ice cream there in our car.  It was a little tense.  Lol.  There were a couple of people that wanted our spot.  So we decided to be nice, and got the heck out of Dodge. 🙂  )

When we got back, I cut Ben’s hair.  Sigh.  It looks tolerable.  And, even some may not notice the ameteur job I did.  I might tweak it a little additionally.  But for now, it’s good enough.

The most random and coolest part of today (yesterday since I’m writing this on Sunday) was this.

After we ate at Viva Chicken, I decided that I had too much food under my fingernails (from picking at Ben’s chicken, and then eating it), and I wanted to wash my hands – again.  Ben decided to follow suite.  So, we were walking to the bathroom.  There were some people there I wasn’t super comfortable walking by, so I went the ‘long way’ around.  I normally get hyper-focused on what I’m doing and my ‘mission’ and hardly notice anybody.  But, this time, I happpened to look over, and did a double take.  FAMILY!  COUSINS!  That are 3.5-4 hours from their home!!!  And we happened to be eating at the SAME restaurant at the SAME time!  What the heck?!?!?!?  They were in town for fun!  I haven’t seen them in YEARS, and we run in to each other in St. George.  I just want to say…I LOVE GOD.  He is so miraculous…even in the little things.  We sat and chatted for a good 45 minutes, and could’ve kept talking all night.  It was a great time!  I am so grateful I ran into them, and got a chance to visit.  They are an incredible family!  And, I am glad they are mine – even at a ‘distance’!

It is amazing to me, already, how serendipitous this experience has been for us.  Even though it’s ‘only’ been a few things, I can totally attest and witness that God’s hand is in our lives.  In ALL things.  Even the ‘optional/you can if you want to’ ways.  He knows.  And He is there.  And He is so, SO good.

That was our day/night.  We were exhausted and ready to crash.  But it was a good day…even though I ended with a stressed out basket case breakdown.  So many stressors and trying to figure everything out, and still having it all messy in here is just driving me… well, it’s just ‘driving me’!  I’m ready for it all to be done, but I just want to play, at the same time.  It’s a frustrating situation for me.  And I know it will all be okay.  Please no ‘fixing’.  I’m just being honest and candid.  Anyone that thinks this whole process is roses and candy is nuts.  It’s hard work.  At least until we get into the swing of things.

Know that we love you, and appreciate you and all you do!

Love, forever,
Ben and Shannon


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