Day 3

Day 3

Location:  St. George, Utah
Day 3

It was seriously a beautiful day!  Blue skies and only a few clouds.

(I didn’t really get any photos until tonight.)

It was on the cool end, again…or should I say ‘still’?  Though our last residence is facing even colder temperatures.  And snow.  You can’t forget all the snow on the ground still.

Today went kind of like yesterday did: me working on things while Ben worked.

I got spoiled.  In our last house, we had fiber internet.  No lagging.  Ridiculously fast download/upload speeds.  Like it almost couldn’t get any better – it was instant.  And, this slow garbage is for the birds.  We are planning on making some adjustments to our internet (like getting a wifi booster) and hope that makes all the difference.  But, I am glad that we lived with the family members that we did, as their internet sucked.  And this sucks even worse.  So I’m glad that I had a transitionary place.  Even though it makes me angry all the waiting.  You don’t realize how impatient you really are until you have to wait for the internet at ‘dial up’ speeds.  Like, I’m not even joking.  It has probably taken me a half an hour to get all these photos sent/uploaded and into this post.

Tonight, we went to Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner.  It was fair.  It definitely paled in comparison to our experience last night at Pizza Factory.  The pizza wasn’t super fresh, and that was definitely disappointing.  Immediately after eating, we could tell that the quality of food was ‘less than’, based on our bodies responses to it.  I will say that the salad bar was fair, and the restaurant was very clean.

I should probably give a ranking scale, here, with my ‘typical’ restaurant descriptor words.
Phenomenal/Amazing/Spectacular/Delicious/Delectable = 10
Really Good = 9
Enthusiastic Good = 8
Good = 7
Fair = 6
Okay = 5
Mediocre = 4
I don’t like it = 3
Gross = 2
Really Gross = 1
I won’t eat there again = not an option/0

I will also mention that we have been to Pizza Pie Cafe many many many times in the past.  And this was probably one of the most disappointing visits for us.  The flavor was good, the pizza was just not fresh, and the crust was a little on the soggy end…and the mixed greens at the salad bar were a little on the ‘wilty’ side of things.

After dinner, we ran a couple of errands.  Camping world for our switch and new step covers, and Walmart for a couple miscellaneous things.  And then Costco to get my vacuum.  Woot woot!  It’s a shark stick vacuum with like 8 different attachments.  Lol.  Ben bought me a Shark Navigator like 8ish years ago, and I’ve never looked back.  It has been the BEST vacuum ever!  I’ve been so pleased!  It still works the exact same as when we got it.  We just decided to leave it behind because of rv space selections.

We went for a little driving in between our errands and drove past the St. George Temple.  Enjoy these pics of it.


We will be ‘visiting’ the inside of it in the next week.  <3

We also went on the ‘Skyline Drive’, or whatever it’s called and had a great view of the city and its lights.


And, here’s our cute faces, just because.

OH!  And this funny funniness, here.

This light/sign look like a female reproductive system.  It cracked me up, and I had to share it on Facebook!  Lots of laughs!!!!!

We hope you are enjoying our journey, and no we aren’t going out to dinner and shopping every single night.  We are still in the ‘getting things done’ stages, and that is taking a lot of work and a lot of errand running.  Sometimes the mundane needs to happen to get to the joy.  And it’s a journey.  A whole massive giant gargantuan journey.  And it is beautiful.

Thanks for following along!  Know that we love you and appreciate your support, and love, and prayers!

Love, always,
Ben and Shannon

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  1. Oh my funny! Your pic of the light post cracked me up! Not sure I would have noticed. It looked like some kind of sick guy someone might draw! Love you, glad you’re having fun 🙂

  2. This is awesome Shannon and Ben. You two are so fun and I am going to love following your adventures.

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