Day 2

Day 2

Location:  St. George, Utah
Day 2 of our stay

Today was beautiful with blue skies, loads of white puffy clouds, baby breezes and sunshine…

but it was a much colder day than yesterday.  The wind from last night obviously blew in a cold front.

(Taken at about the same time as last night…give or take an hour or so…. Remember? it was 60 degrees!)

Most people probably don’t know this, but we were not ‘ready’ to go.  At least physically.  (We absolutely were mentally!)  We had stuff in boxes and bags, and just strewn all over the place.  But as we looked at the weather, we realized if we didn’t leave Wednesday, it wouldn’t have been for a long time after that (at least a few days, if not longer than a week).  And, we found out where we moved from got six inches of snow last night.  Driving in snow is absolutely NOT appealing to either of us…especially in a 41 foot motorhome.  So, we are extremely glad we left when we did.


Something that most people don’t know about me is I have major fear issues.  I let fear paralyze me at times.  And I was coming up with all sorts of excuses in my head about why we weren’t ready or even why we shouldn’t be going.  I had so many worries and anxieties, and I just kept dragging it out.  So, I decided.  I MUST GO NOW.  Ready, or not.  We can always get ready ‘later’.  I needed to ‘jump’ instead of just staying in the same old ruts as before.  And that’s what we did.

The cool thing, too, is St. George is a pretty familiar place for us.  So, it isn’t like a whole different place in a whole different ‘home’.  It is a good transition place for us (especially for me).

This morning I spent time organizing some of our items while Ben worked.

When Ben got off of work, we got ready to go, and went to dinner at The Pizza Factory.  It was AMAZING!  The salad bar was clean and well maintained, and delicious!  The breadtwists were fantastic.  And the calzone (that we were splitting – which they brought to us on 2 plates) was awesome.  Our server was great, too!  It was a great experience – overall.  I loved it.  My ONLY complaint was that nobody was wearing nametags, so I couldn’t tell who worked there, or not.  And, it also isn’t helpful in knowing a server’s name, either.  Everything else was LITERALLY fantastic!


After Pizza Factory, we went and got our disgustingly dirty car washed.  Towing a vehicle behind a massive motorhome during rainy/slushy/yucky weather = a D.I.R.T.Y. car!!!!!  Like dirtier than it’s been in a loooooonnnnggg time!

(To show you how dirty it actually was.)

After that, we went to Harmon’s grocery store for a few groceries, and I captured this beauty as we were leaving.

We also ran to Lowe’s to see if they carried the type of switch for our Water Heater that needs to be replaced.  (They don’t.)

Then we went to Walmart to take a couple of things back that didn’t work out, and to buy a few new things.  Like new bike tires (since we brought our bikes – woot woot!) and dishes.

Then we came back here/home.  We spent some time organizing some more, and making a list of all the things that we need to do before we go to a new location to stay.  We also threw in a couple of games of Skip Bo and visiting with a family member who dropped off a package for us.

It’s been a long and good day.

(At Pizza Factory)

A couple other random things to share…

Our blog name.  We debated.  And debated.  And thought.  And pondered.  And considered.  And looked at.  And almost bought…other domain names.  And it just wasn’t meant to be.  And then about 3 weeks ago, we were discussing the need to have a blog name picked out, and I was thinking about it as we were sitting together and doing separate things.  I was thinking ‘what are some other words that have to do with travel?’  And then, all of a sudden, I thought of GPS.  And I asked myself ‘is MormonGPS weird for a website name?’  I thought it was cool, so I asked Ben.  He liked it, too.  I am huge in to acronyms, so I told him that the GPS would have to stand for something, and he responded with “Go Play Serve”.  We both loved, it and so we decided to check and see if it was available.  With that popular of a name, my mind wanted me to worry that it was already taken.  But, guess what?  It WASN’T!!!  It was such an incredible experience after literally months of debate, it was resolved within a 10 minute timeframe.  From first thought to purchasing the domain = less than 10 minutes…which led to major awe at God and His great grace and love – even in the ‘little’ things.

Another random tidbit is sharing a ‘motorhome lingo’ that you may not know.
A ‘slide’ on a motorhome is the section that ‘slides out’ for more space and ‘slides in’ for traveling.
Our coach has 2.  One in the main living area – which feels like it doubles the amount of space.  And another one in our bedroom, which opens it up a lot – definitely not double as it only slides out about 12-18 inches (but it’s enough to make a difference!!!).

One more random tidbit is Diesel motorhomes have their engines in the back of the motorhome.  So there is almost always  a step up around the bed.  It’s not my favorite thing, but it works!

The main two reasons we opted for a diesel motorhome is:  1 – diesel engines are meant to drive many many MANY miles.  And they don’t even hit their prime until close to 100,000 miles and can go up to 500,000 miles plus…and we’d love to be able to confidently put as many miles as we want onto it!  2 – they drive smoother than a gas engine does.  Someone explained it to us like this…”Do you want to feel like you are driving a moving van?  Because that is what a gas motorhome feels like.”  Or something along those lines.  Our diesel is a REALLY smooth ride!

It’s been a great, and stressful, and trying time – getting ready for this adventure.  But I’m glad I’m ‘in’ it.  And, I’m especially glad I’m ‘in it’ with Ben.  He is my best friend, and I appreciate him so much.  I am so grateful for all our life journey together.  He is my amazingness of a husband…and I love him!  OH SO MUCH!!!!!

And, I love you, and I appreciate you and your prayers and desires for us.  As I know Ben does, as well.

Know that we love, appreciate, and find joy in living this life with all of you.  We hope your days are blessed.

With love,
Benjamin and Shannon

P.S.  The pictures aren’t working (other than the two I posted).  We will be adding more tomorrow!  I wanted to get this up and ready for you!  I love you!  Edit:  GOT THEM UP!  Woot woot!  🙂

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