The Beginning

The Beginning

The Beginning

Destination:  St. George, Utah

Here is our 61 foot (total) rig and ride.  It is massive!

Our motorhome is a beautiful 2002 41 foot Tiffin Allegro Diesel Pusher Bus.
It has 2 slides, and is in pretty great condition for the age.  (We must have looked at about 50 motorhomes before we settled on this beauty.  We walked in, and pretty much knew it was the bus for us!)

These are our cute faces at the very beginning.

The beginning of our trip looked like this


Rainy and snowy and slushy.  Basically cold and wet.
It was really super nice (and a HUGE blessing) that it wasn’t sticking to the road.
At all.

And then, all of a sudden amidst all the wetness…..
It went from this…

and turned into this!

And it pretty much remaind that way – off and on – for the rest of the trip…whilst being super (read: extremely – as in we had to slow down 10-20 mph at different times because we were being moved all over the place) windy.

So…funny story.  We stopped at a rest stop so that Ben could take a break from being blown all over the place by the wind, and he strapped back in.  He was adjusting his seatbelt, and bam.  It fell out into his hands!  Lol.  It was awesome.  We both just laughed.  (I was a little worried, but I was mostly laughing.)  He just laughed.  It was a bolt that had just come out of the wall.  So he just put it back in and tighened it back up.  Seriously.  What an adventure we’re already having!

More gorgeousness!

Once we arrived, we checked in to the rv park where we are staying (which we will reveal exactly where it is in another post) and backed our rig in.

We got all situated and then went to dinner at the Mad Pita (it is DELICIOUS!  We went there for dinner one another time while we were visiting here) and went to Costco and Natural Grocers for a few different groceries.

While we were out, I captured this beauty as Ben was on the phone chatting with his (and my) Mama.

Then when we got back, it was crazy windy.  And it started to sprinkle.  So we pulled our large ‘slide’ in, and extended the jacks a little bit more.  It’s a pretty unsettling feeling being pushed around by the wind in an RV.  [Only a few people know that we were looking at (and almost bought 2 different) bumper pull trailers.  I can NOT imagine the difference in a windstorm, and told Ben so.]  We are about 28,000 pounds – give or take – and a bumper pull is 20,000 pounds-ish less than that.  I’m so grateful for our motorhome!!!!!

The storm only lasted about an hour, and has settled down almost completely.

And, the end of this first travelling journey ‘leg’ is over.  And I’m exhausted.
And Ben is sleeping soundly next to me.

We are so grateful for the divine providence of God, and His miraculous protection and Love.
We would be nothing without Him.

All our love,
Ben and Shannon Davis

To read more of our story, visit our page, here.

P.S. And, yes, there will be oodles and oodles more pictures, and more information as the days roll on!

5 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. How many hours did it take you to get to St. George? Do you think it was any longer because you were pulling a vehicle?

    1. Total it was probably 5 to 5 1/2 hours. We made a few stops along the way for me to do some work things and eat lunch so it is hard to tell the exact time. Also, with the wind being crazy, I had to slow down to 60-65 for a big chunk. I actually didn’t even notice the car at all!

  2. A great travelogue. We understand the wind thing. 80 plus winds when we were at Martins Cove. It can be very intimidating. Looks like you are having a great time though.

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